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TRIP TO “Salt mine of Slanic Prahova”



Resort "Slănic Prahova" is a spa, located 150 km away from Bucharest. Here we find the largest salt mine in Europe, with an area of 78,000 m2 and a depth of 208 m. Access in the salt mine is by elevator and takes about 3-4 minutes. The temperature in the mine is 10-12°C and saline atmosphere is indicated as a therapy for rheumatism and respiratory diseases (asthma).





This trip may take 8-9h, or more upon request.



Tourist attractions suggested for possible visits


“Slănic Prahova” Salt Mine

“Slănic Prahova” Resort





Taxi Bucureşti limousine can carry up to 4 people; when there are more than 4 people, we can make a reservation with our partners.



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